Hero Zero (saturnfly) wrote in hulkmovie,
Hero Zero

I made some Hulk icons. tell me if you want any of them. I hope its okay that i post them here. There is no other place for them.

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Nice Icons :)
I like them, especially the "HULK SMASH" one. "MISUNDERSTOOD" is a good idea, but I don't like the way the word is acrosshis chest. Maybe it would be better in the sky above his head, the same way two others have the words in the sky.
Yeah. That is what i was thinking. Misunderstood would not fit in the sky.
I took the last one. :)
Okay! ;)
BTW, I LOVE your icon. Mmm, Joaquin. :>
Thanks! I love him! He is just so cute. ;)

dammit ethie :-)
Hahaha. You can take it too, yes? :P